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Yamatna Wanasa

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Yamatna Wanasa

or fun encounters

in Emirati dialect

AED 60

  • How many languages can I say: I love you? One characteristic that the most successful people have is…Describe the best party you ever attended. The compliment I will never forget is…Can I know a lot about a person by his/her physical appearance?

  • Think you already know a lot about yourself and others? “Yamatna Wanasa” is a game that will help you discover things you did not know about yourself and others. The game is suitable for all ages. The minimum players are 2.

  • Whether playing with a friend, a spouse, or a family member, “Yamatna Wanasa” is an amazing starting point not only for great conversations, but it is also a fun way to use and practice our Emarati dialect.
  • The game contains 100 entertaining and thoughtful questions all in Emarati dialect that spark meaningful and interesting conversations—while dining, at a majlis, at a party, on your next group gatherings, or simply at your cozy home.

  • It is suitable to play “Yamatna Wanasa” during special occasions in addition to casual gatherings

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