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Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah

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Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah

draw and win a Eid Gift

in Emarati dialect

AED 115

  • Hug someone you love dearly. Repeat Takbirat Al Eid. Raise both hands to the sky. Jump seven times. Count to ten…

  • “Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah” is a surprising and playful game with 30 Eidiyah (Eidiyah means money notes given during Eid Al Fitir and Eid Al Adh-ha) envelopes and 10 entertaining instructions designed to bring laughter and excitement to children, the youth, and to adults during Eid celebrations.

  • Your loved ones’ luck for Eid Gifts will demonstrate by their draw, so …“Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah”. Ready to discover what gifts you’ll end up giving in Eid? Get ready for lots of laughs, surprises, and memorable moments!

  • Getting ready for Eid, these are some tips on what to place inside Eidiyah envelopes. Different values of money notes (10s, 20s, 50s or others), retail gift cards and gift vouchers. This game comes with a cylinder container used for placing the Eidiyah envelops. Get ready, Get set and Go Play.

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