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Social Games In The Emirati Dialect

Elshnaf (الشناف) is the name of a traditional Emirati yellow gold jewelry piece worn by girls and women on the head (between the forehead). Elshnaf is worn in special occasions and celebrations.

10% of our profits are donated to treat cancer patients. We offer it with love through authorized institutions for cancer donations in the UAE. We hope to fulfill our duty towards everyone who needs help and support, and we pray for a speedy recovery

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Elshnaf’s Story

When people are together often times they are so occupied by electronic devices, like phones and tablets, that valuable, personal moments are missed. Every present moment in our precious life is unique and we need to take time to connect with the people we love because in this world that we live in people come and go, and things come and go. But what stays? What remains? It is love that stays and lasts forever. In 2022, I lost a very special person, my beloved sister. One of the last things we did together was play the card game, Uno. This motivated me to innovate, produce and distribute social games as play brings so much laughter and joy in our lives. Life has so much love and life is worth living. So connect with the people you love and receive them with an open heart. Dedicated, with love

A.S.H., Founder of Elshnaf

Social Games In The Emarati Dialect Banner
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Elshnaf’s vision

To encourage play in every household using fun and interactive social games while promoting the culture of the UAE by reading and speaking the Emarati dialect.

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Elshnaf’s Values

Emirati values of altruism and kindness are reflected in each of our Elshnaf products. We value respect, tolerance, compassion, understanding and encourage inclusivity (regardless of individual abilities, age, gender, religion, cultural or racial origin) all of which are based on strengthening relationships with all people including people of determination.

Social Games In The Emarati Dialect Banner

Why Play

Play is fundamental to a healthy and happy life for all ages, Play lays the foundations for literacy, Play is learning. Play encourages adults to communicate with the children in their lives, Play gives children the chance to be spontaneous

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