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Our products present a fun way to use and practice our Emarati dialect. Whether you are Emarati or not, we encourage you to read and speak Emarati.

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Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah

AED 115

Hug someone you love dearly. Repeat Takbirat Al Eid. Raise both hands to the sky. Jump seven times. Count to ten…

“Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah” is a surprising and playful game with 30 Eidiyah (Eidiyah means money notes given during Eid Al Fitir and Eid Al Adh-ha) envelopes and 10 entertaining instructions designed to bring laughter and excitement to children, the youth, and to adults during Eid celebrations.
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Yamatna Wanasa

AED 60

How many languages can I say: I love you? One characteristic that the most successful people have is.. Describe the best party you ever attended. The compliment I will never forget is … can I know a lot about a person by his/her physical appearance?
Is-hab w irbah Eidiyah Banner
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